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Whether it's a personal need or a business need, networking is becoming one of the fastest growing necessities in our field. We are striving to make this an affordable choice for those who choose to build on their current technology. Networking is a term used that involves connecting two or more computers to the same system. We make this a smooth transition for those that are growing and trying to keep up in today's computer world.

If you have a business that cannot be interrupted during this process, we usually Network offices during the evening and weekend hours. By Monday morning, you are back in business as usual.

Our prices are simple. A fee of $45.00 per hour. After the Network is complete we will guide you in what was completed so no one feels lost. If you are outside our commuting area we will work with you to provide you with the same low hourly charge and a small fee for the commuting time. Please call with any questions concerning commuting distance.

Whether you just need to add machines to your already Networked system or you are starting fresh, we feel you would find the quality of our service to be very reliable.

Residential and Business Networking - Cable and DSL Broadband

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AA Affordable Computer Services

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