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Frequently asked Computer Questions


Q. How do I get rid of Pop-ups?
A. At the present time pop-ups are just an irritant we all dread dealing with. We suggest a program that is free of charge to help control the pop ups. This will not prevent pop up ads completely but running the program frequently will control the amount of pop ups that tend to invade your computer. Keep in mind that pop ups appear more frequently on some sites than others. We highly suggest avoiding those sites that tend to bring on more pop up ads. The following is a link that will take you to the publisher of this software(Ad-aware 6.0).


Q. Do I need to update my Windows Operating system?
A. Absolutely. When there are updates available for whatever Windows operating system you are using, we highly recommend these updates be downloaded. These are a free service provided by Microsoft and help secure your system. Microsoft has put together a faq page about these updates. The following is a link to Microsoft's faq's page.


Q. How do I save a page on the Internet to my "Favorites"?
A. I have found that there are lots of users that assume a page they have gone too will always be in the drop down box from the address bar. Periodically, the history folder on your computer needs to be cleaned up. When you delete your history files those address's in that drop down bar will disappear. To save an address to your favorites follow these steps: While viewing the page you want saved, go to the tab on the very top of your browser that says "favorites". You will then have a choice to save it where it is at or make a new folder to place this in. On how to clean your history folder see following question.


Q. How do I clear my history and Temporary Internet files?
A. These files should be cleared periodically. While in your browser, choose the option "tools" from the very top. Then choose to delete cookies and temporary internet files. In this area you can also choose to "clear history". You can set your history to stay on your computer from 0-20 days. That is up to you how long you wish for these history files to stay on your computer.


Q. How do I change my opening page when I go to Internet Explorer?
A. When you first set up your computer it has a default page depending on where and whom you bought the machine from. If you prefer another page to be your opening page simply go to "tools" while the browser is open and either type the address in the address bar that lists "opening page" or choose current if you are viewing the page you want the browser to open too automatically when you open Internet Explorer.


NEW We are test driving a new browser. This new browser by Firefox claims to block popups and Adware. By avoiding Adware or less of it, we are willing to give it a try. So far this product seems to work quite well. You would be amazed at what you can control with a browser! We suggest you give it a try. Best of all, it is completely free! Here is the link:

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